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Nature trail

The nature trail of Mazmežotne is located in especially preserved area and the preservation area of nature reserve "Bauska" with location in mid Latvia

lowlands of the central part of Zemgale plain.

Nature Park was established in 2004 and in the context of  Natura 2000 it was recognized as a specially preserved area of European Union.

The park is designed to bring together in one preserved area the valuable natural monuments.

Following the nature trail of Mazmežotne can be observed Lielupe river section, and cultural landscape of Lielupe. There are spawning sites of Vimba

and Lamprey in this area, biologically valuable grasslands, protected birds, invertebrates (molluscs, insects), a rare plant deposits, etc.

To draw more attention to environmental protection, nature trail will be presented with a variety of plants, living creatures that call for greater attention

to exploring and preservation.

The nature trail is in one of the oldest human settlements in Latvia - second half of   9th millennium B.C.

The nature trail starts with a small glen, where through the middle flows the water streams.

The trail leads through the unusual landscape for Zemgale - a glen. There are growing numerous oaks, lindens, but bushes are dominated by hazel.

Along one side of the trail stretches fields of the cereals and canola. Along the other side of the trail for the sight appear floodplain meadows of Lielupe.

Nature trail ends at the Wine hill - an ancient castle Hill, where previously 5th -9th century was the place of worship and the 13th century Crusaders

fortified settlement.

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Mazmežotne, Rundāle parish

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