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In Mazmežotne manor on the list of first works done are territory arrangement and improvement, manor old stone bridge restoration, driveway paving and nature trail creation.

Work has completed on the foundations of the old barn and manor Lords' house reconstruction. Furnished rooms for ceremonial events and redecorated guest rooms. In basements arranged the vaulted hall and kitchen.


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We offer a sauna hut services, guest cottage „Siernīca” for the guests and summer season - large rural shed for various celebrations and cultural events.

In sauna hut everybody will find the place to relax after working hours, at the weekends or in a small company of friends up to 8 persons to celebrate any important life events.

Sauna is located on a hill with the beautiful views of the valley Lielupe.

Sauna is a historical building, which has been preserved since the times of the landlords. Sauna hut has built of stone, dolomite and exterior wall finishes made using bricks. Attic floor complements with the wooden lattice elements and a red tile roof, which is decorated with an attractive old-style chimney.

Beside the sauna are located outdoor terrace and wooden tub in which to cool off after heating on the bench.

After sauna we will offer relaxation with sleeping on mattresses upstairs of sauna for up to 12 persons.         

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In guest cottage „Siernīca” guests will be able to relax from the daily rush enjoying the tranquility of nature down at the pond together with the family, friends or colleagues in the company.

„Siernīca” historically was as a cheese cooking place for the landlords and its historical appearance maintained to the present day. Particularly beautiful appear the red brick exterior walls with the bright seams and decorative wooden elements of the attic. The roof especially expressed with the red tiles and an ancient style chimney. This house even is a little reminiscent of a "gingerbread cottages" of the fairy tale books and is a nicest place in the manor.

The last works are still in progress, but in the end of a year we will offer relaxation for guests in the fireplace room for up to 15 people as well as to relax in the sauna and enjoy the night in attic, where it will be possible to accommodate up to 20 persons.



The large rural shed, with its stone and brick columns, wood shingle roof is also inherited from the times of the landlords and in the summer months will be suitable for the variety of cultural, entertainment, weddings and other events, offering rest to 200 guests and more in the large shed itself and outdoor terrace.

The driveway brings to the shed, where besides is a big car park and guest toilets. Rural environment with the vast cereal fields will allow to enjoy the peace and natural fragrances.

The long walking paths, green lawns and greenery, as well as the close locating pond will give the pleasant moments as an addition to the relaxation.



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Mazmežotne, Rundāle parish

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