Mazmežotne surroundings

Ancient town between present Mazmežotne and Punclava had grown up from the late 10th to beginning of 11th century. Its total area is about 13 ha. In both Mežotne hill plateau and Ancient town were found several sheds with the smoke rooms and outbuildings. Findings suggest about the developed agriculture and stock-farming, cultivated barley, wheat, rye, oats, beans and peas, are also found the farmers' tools - hoes, axes, knives and sickles. In ancient town also worked the craftsmen - blacksmiths, jewelers and weapon masters and merchants.

The world's first comprehensive publication on the events in Mežotne ancient town mentioned in the Chronicle of Henry, describing arose ash layers on the castle Hill.

Mežotne ancient town referred by the Arab geographer Idrisi Muhammad in the year of 1154 in Sicily printed world map. It is the only place in Latvia the ancient geographer considered to be necessary to note.

To the south behind the ancient town on Lielupe valley bank is located another castle Hill - Wine Hill. Around the castle Hill flat area sifted a small bank. It is believed that the Wine Hill could be the place of worship (5th - 9th cent.) or possibly the Crusaders fortified settlement in the 13th century.


Upmale land
Vai zini, cik pelnkārtu Mežotnes pilskalnos,
Cik bijis tur sviedru un asiņu,
Cik senkapu Upmales pakalnos,
Cik aprakts tur sapņu un vaimanu.

Šī zeme tūkstošgadiem arta, sēta,
Še katra lauska senas teiksmas min.
Še katra zemes sauja dārga, svēta,
Un katra šūna senu spēku pin.

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