Manor Relics

Until today, only a few relics have been preserved, which were located in Mazmežotne Lords’ house.


The oldest available information on Mazmežotne dates from the 3rd quarter of the 18th century - 1759th-1768. The situation of that time in Mazmežotne characterizes the document on Mežotne manor inventory. Buildings in Mazmežotne described as old and partially collapsed. The foundations of residential houses were built of stone and bricks, roof in its turn made of tiles.

Mazmežotne Today

Mazmežotne - Located on the hill of Lielupe river bank valley. It is the excellent, nature surrounded place for guests to relax, offering overnight stays, meals, rooms for celebrations, events and seminars, but for recreational enthusiasts and nature lovers, cycling, boating and walking through the nature trail and the surrounding walkways.

Anatol Lieven

The name of Prince Anatol Lieven is closely related to Latvia liberation struggles and Mazmežotne manor. His name is stored in history in connection with the time when nearly all the Latvia territory was occupied by the Bolsheviks and stood up the question for Latvia - to be or not to be. Anatol Lieven was a passionate fighter and therefore during the First World War joint to the army, but in 1917 went for retirement. He was arrested by Bolsheviks, and together with his family escapes just because of the extradition to the Germans.

Mazmežotne surroundings

The good time for Mežotne as Upmale center of Easternzemgale region was in the 9th-13th century, but there found even elder archaeological evidence about the inhabitants in the stone age (9.millennium BC) and the early metal age (1.millennium BC).

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