Early 1920s - during the agrarian reform the prince Anatol Līven asked to leave him Lielmežotne manor, basing on his own merit in developing the local agriculture and expressing desire to create a leader farm.

However, on January 1921 inalienable part of the manor was given in Mazmežotne. Anatol Lieven received 101 hectares of land, nine partially burned buildings and brick kiln.

On 1927 Mazmežotne was already established as a leader farm. The seed pilot Station was built in the garden. Anatol Lieven went into understanding in various agricultural sectors. Prince Anatol Lieven managed on his land by himself, hiring a few daytime laborers.

Prince Anatol Lieven died on April 3, 1937. He is buried in the family cemetery at Mežotne church.

In 1939, after the Molotov - Ribbentrop Pact was organized the departure of the Baltic Germans to Germany. Mazmežotne was jointly owned by Anatols Lieven heirs - the widow Elizabeth, sons Paul, Karl Johan, and daughter Dina.

In 1939 by the agreement of family members as an owner of property remains Karl Johan Lieven with his family.

However, Lievens’ family partially repatriated.

On December 7, 1939, Karl Johan Lievens’ wife Janina and her daughter Kseniya departed Latvia, but landlord himself remained here. It is unknown at what moment Karl Johan finally left his property. Local residents just remember the estate auction.

1941 to 1945 - During World War II - burned out the manor residential house.

In 1952 residential house was restored by a simplified form of its roof.

After the war Mazmežotne buildings were accommodated by livestock farmers and farm families. There were slightly repaired the outbuildings and barns. The variety of domestic animals lived in the barns and the large stockyard. There were built numerous sheds and cultivated small gardens.

During the period from 1990 to 2007 Mazmežotne became a new farm in the field of lands management and leasing.

In 2007, Mazmežotne manor and land area of ​​15 ha as their property acquired Iveta and Āris Burkāni.

From this particular moment was launched the ambitious tidying work and renovation of existing buildings.

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