Mazmežotne Today

For recreational enthusiasts and nature lovers we offer cycling, boating and walking along the

nature trail and surrounding walkways.


    Mazmežotne Manor consists of the following buildings:

  • Lords’ house;
  • large servant house;
  • small servant house;
  • large barn;
  • small barn;
  • shed;
  • bath house;
  • creamery.

Unfortunately with the acquisition of property we failed to save the sheep barn and granary, because these buildings were in collapsing stage already. In

its turn, the large stockyard with a ramp was already in ruins.

From 2007 to 2010 the tidying work of area in total about ​​15 hectares was taken place where the cultural layer was trashed with all kind of waste.

Everything started with the demolition of dilapidated sheds and ruins of buildings, cleaning the trashed buildings, digging the ground to eliminate the

barbed wire, felling bushes and many, many other small but significant clean-up work.

The thorough cleanup work in area was invested in the weed eradication and sowing a new lawn. Little by little the work on the area planting are being

succeeded, new trees, shrubs and flowers are being planted.

With taking the part in the project "Reconstruction and Improvement of Guest House" and getting the support of Rural Support Service (RSS) in 2011 it

was possible to begin the reconstruction of Mazmežotne Lords’ house.

In these years completed works:

  • renovation of old-style stone bridge;
  • driveway and courtyard paving works;
  • nature trail has been created and bridge across the glen has built;
  • information boards have been installed on the nature trail;
  • walking paths have been created;
  • works has completed on the bath house, creamery and shed.

During seven years Mazmežotne has evolved and developed with the objective of future development of tourism in Rundāle region in order to take care

of the guests' comfort and relaxation. It is clear that all our work in the future is based on restoration of the old Lieven manor buildings and cleaning-up

the area in order not to allow perishing in history the legacy of the former Mazmežotne owner Anatol Lieven and his ancestors who cherished the great

beauty of Lielupe valley banks.

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